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Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Top

Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Top

Sunday 8th April 2018

The Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress pattern is a great pattern to use. It has easy to follow instructions and has enough variations to keep you interested. I made the Top version with the long sleeves.

It's a really versatile pattern fabric wise. Most light or medium weight woven fabrics, such as cotton, linen, rayon, viscose, wool, crepe or even silk will work. I made this top using our Atelier Brunette Chalk Off White Cotton Cambric. Its great to sew with and washes incredibly well. It's a lovely soft, light and floaty fabric.

I decided on using @ruthiesews idea of omitting the hook and eye in favour of a ribbon either side of the opening instead. I've been especially pleased with this part of the top as it is aesthetically pleasing as well as being more functional. I personally don't get on well with hook and eyes. I can sew them on no problem but due to my clumsy nature I end up attached to anything that will allow me to do so! A tip I picked up for sealing ribbon ends is to hold them near to a naked flame, but not so near that they shrivel or burn. It sealed the ends of my ribbon really well.

I had made the dress version of the pattern before so I was already familiar with the construction of the top. It came together pretty quickly for me even though I'm somewhat of a slow sewer. It wasn't until I had just set in the first sleeve that things started to get eventful. I decided for some reason to try it on. It didn't fit! It was too tight under the arms.

Up until this point as a sewer I had never had to make too many alterations to a garment. I had only ever had to take in some dungarees with the help of Mary at Sewing Group and this was sometime ago. I had been so lucky up until this point. I had made the school girl error of not measuring myself again and admittedly my weight has probably crept up a bit since I used the pattern last time.

I then embarked on letting out the side seams from 5/8's to 3/8's of an inch and made the sleeves seam allowances the same and set them both in again. I tried it back on..........and it fit! Yay! I wasn't going to have to slim back down to get in it or it give it to my Mother In Law. Yay! Sorry Lynn I know you love this top!

I absolutely love this top and would recommend it to anybody. It is a great wardrobe staple that can dressed up or down. The first time I wore it with jeans I felt like I had made an effort but not too much that I felt overdressed. I felt really good in it.

Thanks for reading!
Laura x